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Crypto Retirement invests all funds made into our program in various short-term, high yield, cash based land development ventures in The Caribbean.

Specifically, we invest in developing eco-tourism resorts which are extremely lucrative short term high yield ventures. Eco-tourism resort owners are often seeking venture capital to develop additional palapas and cabanas without having to deal with banks or private lending companies.

Crypto Retirement partners with these eco-tourism resorts by providing them with venture capital to re-model or expand their ocean front resorts.

For example, if we were investing in mainstream resorts, we could expect to have our funds tied up for a considerable period of time waiting to receive government permits to continue or begin various stages of construction which could take months or in some cases even years before ever seeing a return on our investment.

However, eco-resorts require no government permits as they all are considered private properties committed to protecting and preserving the environment. As long as they do not import building materials or violate the building codes agreed upon in order to protect and sustain the environment, they are free to do as they choose.

As all eco-resort palapas and cabanas are built from palm trees and bamboo which grow on the resort property, the construction phase is a very simple one. After landscaping an area to acquire the neccessary building materials, local workers construct a beach front cabana at a cost of around $1,500 USD!

Of course after this time, the eco-resort owners give us a small percentage of the monthly profits forever which creates a win-win situation for everyone. The investors in Crypto Retirement have received their returns of 250%-900% daily for 4 days, the resort owners are happy because they have their palapas available for rent free and clear from banks and lending companies, and we also receive a little something for our efforts as well.

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